For the Rosbergs, strengthening and restoring relationships in marriages and families is more than a vocation; it’s a calling by God to honor, teach and serve others. Using proven, Biblical principles through The Great Marriage Experience, they’re helping thousands of couples experience the heart and hope that comes from God. With a deeper faith and understanding that through God, all things are possible, marriages can be happier and healthier for a lifetime.



Marriage Champions.

You can become a Marriage Champion and serve alongside America’s Family Coaches by:

  • Hosting a small group
  • Praying for Gary and Barb
  • Providing financial support

Below is an example of how a Marriage Champion couple has used our Marriage 101 material...

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Marriage 101 was such a wonderful and timely course; the information provided was awesome. I don’t have words to explain the difference that God has made in our relationship already just from our experiencing this together.
— Barb B.